meet the photographer

I am so glad that you are here!

How lucky am I that I can do my dream job?! Being able to capture special times during someone's life that they can hold on to forever is just amazing to me! Knowing that I am providing you memories frozen in time, makes me so happy!

You will very rarely see me without my camera! I enjoy capturing my everyday life with my family and friends! I love looking at those pictures and seeing the smiles, laughs, and expressions that I capture and remembering the fun times we had together!

When I am not behind my camera, you can find me spending time with my handsome husband, Greg, snuggling our rescue puppy, Lily, or drinking a cup of coffee or glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (depending on the time of day). I love to laugh, cooking is a favorite activity, and I am tempted to wax seal everything!

Greg is my best friend, biggest supporter, other half, and partner in crime! He enjoys a great cup of coffee just as much as I do and loves a nice bourbon (double, neat). If he is not working or second shooting, he likes to spend time playing video games and reading Reddit. Since we are a married couple ourselves, we absolutely love the fact that we get to capture one of the happiest days of our couples lives. We are beyond honored that the images we capture will be shared for generations!

My Husband

She is the sweetest and snuggliest little puppy! We know for a fact that she is part puggle and everyone thinks she is part boxer too. Lily loves destroying toys, running, playing with other dogs and kids, and sleeping. Of course she had to be a part of our wedding! Doesn't she look fabulous in her flower collar?!


My family is my world! I am so lucky that not only do we live close, but we are all really close. We were all homeschooled together, which was a big change when I started public school as a sophmore and didn't spend my entire day with my siblings. This image is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding, because I know I will cherish it forever! This will be passed on for generations and I will be able to share it with our grandkids years from now!

My Family

I rescued this little fluffer nutter when I was a junior in college. He is such a sweet cat and loves to snuggle, especially at night and especially when he can share my pillow. Crookshanks all time favorite thing is talking and sleeping.


Seriously, if I could put a wax seal on it, I probably will! There's just something so personal and classic about adding this little detail. I had one stamp specially made to match our branding, another simple F we used on our invitations, and then a more decorated one with our full last name. Yep...I have a problem! :) But Greg supports it too, because we both love handwritten letters and little details that make it even more personal.

Wax Seal

Literally my favorite thing to drink! I begin my day with a double shot cappucino (love our Nespresso machine) and then enjoy another cup of coffee later in the day. Luckily Greg has my same love for coffee and we own so many coffee devices! Aeropress and Chemex are our favorites.


Here are a few things that I love: