Medina Family | Trails of Monticello | Charlottesville, VA

February 15, 2016

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As the snow is steadily falling outside (so much for only 5”), I can’t help but reminisce about this fun family shoot full of sun and absolutely no snow! 🙂 This sweet family of three chose the Trails of Monticello to capture their maternity/family session, which was perfect for little A! There were so many great things for him to explore and imagine! Throughout the session, A used his toy bulldozer to move mountains in the dirt, searched for monkeys swinging in the trees, and running from the lions hiding in the tall grass! I loved his little imagination!!

What I loved most about this session was how natural our time together was! With young children, some parents can get frustrated by an uncooperative toddler, but Karolina and Miguel used A’s imagination and interest to their advantage! They played with him, laughed, smiled, and enjoyed a very relaxing session as a family! I loved capturing their love for one another and sweet little A’s adorable personality and contagious imagination!

  1. Gretchen Blair

    February 22nd, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    Sweet post. This family is going to love these images for years. I LOVE the belly to belly shot!

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